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NVQ courses for Dispensers working in

Community Pharmacies

NVQ Level 3 - Pharmacy Services


Currently we are only providing the NVQ assessment for the level 3 course. This will equip you with a full NVQ level 3 and will qualify you as a pharmacy technician. However you will not be able to register as a technician with the RPSGB until you complete the knowledge framework and have worked under the supervision of a pharmacist for a minimum number of hours.


We are in the process of finalising or knowledge and skills course to accompany the NVQ level 3.


If you have already completed a knowledge course with another provider (e.g. NPA / Buttercups) you can do our NVQ level 3 at a hugely discounted cost of only £875 (+ VAT) 


Course length:    between 6months and 12 months (flexible learning)


Course dates:     flexible start date - to suit you


Course fees:    Please contact us for more information


We believe that our prices are extremely low for the amount of support we provide for our courses. However if you find another NVQ provider offering the same course at a lower price please click here to contact us


For more information about this please click here to contact us

Our Standards

Professional Development

We always adhere to the high standards of assessment stipulated by City & Guilds and offer an easy to use format of assessment for all our candidates.


As part of our course we also offer face-to-face support from our highly experienced assessors. We will provide you with constant support throughout your NVQ course. For more information about our NVQ courses please click here

We also offer Continuing Professional Development courses for dispensing assistants, pharmacy technicians and other healthcare professionals. These are by way of evening / weekend workshops and short distance learning courses. For more information about CPD click here




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